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About American Leadership Today

About American Leadership Today

As a non-profit 501(c)(4) we are dedicated to moving our great nation forward. Our mission is all about promoting policies that boost economic prosperity, individual freedom, and making America stronger for everyone.

Our Vision

Our Vision

At American Leadership Today, we see a united and thriving nation that encourages liberty, opportunity, and American exceptionalism. We’re here to empower individuals and communities, making sure every American has a chance to reach their full potential and contribute to our collective success.

Why Choose Us

Our Initiatives

We’re all about taking action and making a positive impact. Here’s what we’re focused on:

Economic Growth and Jobs:

We're big supporters of policies that get our economy booming, attract investments, and create more opportunities for businesses and people like you.

Freedom and Rights:

We stand up for the rights and freedoms that make America great. We fight for individual liberties, protecting private property rights, and making sure our government doesn't overstep its boundaries.

Keeping America Safe at Home & Abroad:

Keeping our nation safe is a top priority. That means supporting law enforcement and policies that reduce crime and keep our streets safe. In addition, we support strong military capabilities, secure borders, and ensuring the safety and well-being of our citizens at home and abroad.